“Really, boy, unless you’re ready to deal with the monster, you shouldn’t go looking under the bed.”

– Ripper


“Stefan Petrucha has real world experience and can speak with authority.”


“Where the @*#$ are the pictures?”

– Wade Wilson

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“Death only matters to those left behind.”

Dead Mann Running

“There’s nothing like seeing the face of a dead stripper you want to forget every day on TV.”

– Dead Mann Running


Online Writing Class Summer 2016

Learn how to make a living at writing AND earn undergrad credit! That’s right, it’s Preview Week for Writing for a Living, a practical look at the seamy business side of a writing career, taught online via UMASS. Free syllabus, sample reading and video lecture available. Registration is still open. Final online summer class start Read More…

Writing Classes Summer 2016

It’s Preview Week for my online summer Classes – Writing the Graphic Novel and Writing for a Living. Check out the free lectures and drop me a line if you have any question. Writing the Graphic Novel begins Monday, May 16.